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Videographer. Musician. Photographer. Author.

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When Darin Dunn first moved to Thailand at age 22, little did he know all the adventures in store for him. His work as a videographer took him all over Asia, including Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Cambodia, and beyond. 

In this book, Dunn recounts a few of the unexpected adventures he found himself in during his travels as he used boats, trains, buses, and everything in between to carry himself across Southeast Asia. In listening to this book, you will find yourself smelling the environments, tasting the food, and feeling the joy and frustration that he experienced as he made his way across the Lao frontier, down the Mekong River, through insurgent military camps in Myanmar, kayaking the mangrove forests of Southern Thailand, and dodging landmines in Cambodia and Myanmar.


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15+ years of filmmaking from Africa to Asia.


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20+ years of leading worship at churches and conferences, writing and recording music, leading and contributing to bands.

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