Into Dreamland

Stories Behind The Songs

I recorded this album for my nieces and nephews.  At the time of this release I have six under age of seven! 

This album is for them and for their nap times.



A few years ago the children's dept at my church asked me to write a song based on the theme of the curriculum they were studying. 

This is a simple fun song that the kids loved singing and so it seemed like the perfect song to kick off the album.

Only The Best (instrumental)
This song was written while on the island of Phi Phi Don, in Southern Thailand, Feb of 2006 with my buddy David Salisbury. 
From 2004 - 2006  Dave and I were a part of three short

term mission trips to Thailand.
Each year, at the conclusion of our trip, we would head down to

Phi Phi on the way out. What an amazing place. 
As I sat there in the middle of God's beautiful creation I was in amazed at how he continues to bless us and answer us even when we have
not lived the holy lives for which he has called us.  He wants only the best for us. 

I love this melody.  Darin Cabell and Jackie Turner added a nice island vibe
with their guitar and violin. 
The original version, with lyrics, was included on my "Dare to Die" album.


Do You Know (acoustic version)

I wrote this song one day while still in High School.  I didn't yet have a car and so I was waiting at a gas station for my ride.  As I watched people busily come and go I wished I could stop them and convince them how much God loved them.  I scratched out the lyrics into my Palm PDA while I pondered that idea.  This record is for my nieces and nephews as I pray for them constantly.  I pray that they will know and remember each day how much God loves each of them... and I sure do as well.

Without You

This is another song that I wrote while in High School.  It's one of my oldest songs and one of my first attempts recording with a drum loop. 

I decided to remix it as an instrumental and I am dedicating this to my nieces and nephews whom I miss so much.

The original version, with lyrics, was included on my "Dare to Die" album.



B Loves D (instrumental)

I arranged and recorded this song a few years ago for the wedding of some friends of mine.  This was played during the ceremony as they took communion. 

Mike Dalton played electric guitar and Wendy Semones added piano and synth.

Drifting To Sleep

Darin Cabell is one of my closest friends and I love making music with him.  He and I recorded this track in my apt in SA a few years back.  It was one of those "create as you go" studio sessions.  I've probably spent more time mixing/mastering this track than anything else I've ever recorded!  I love how it turned out and I thought it fit well on this record to help the little ones drift off to sleep.


Sheep Without a Shepherd

This song was inspired by and written after Cyclone Nargis hit Burma in May of 2008.  

The death toll is unknown but estimates are that 300,000 people lost their lives. 

Many of whom were sheep who did not know the Shepherd.  I pray often for the safety of my nieces and nephews and I pray that

they will come to know the one true shepherd, more every day.

Right Beside You

This song was first included on my 2006 album "Content With Obscurity."  The melody literally came to me in a dream.  I jumped out of bed and began trying to figure out what the song was to be about.  It came to me fairly quickly and I began to write a song about how God has always been with me, even during the seasons in my life when I was not living for Him.  I am so thankful to Him for bringing me out of "the pit" and into relationship with Him.  I am so looking forward to the day when I will get to sing with the angels in His presence.  For this album I re-wrote the lyrics a bit.  In this version I am singing to my nieces and nephews to remind them how much God loves them and has promised to be with them through their hard times and good times.  I pray that their joys will be many and their sorrows few.

And The Waves Came

This song was inspired by and written after the Tsunami hit Asia in 2006 killing 230,000 people.   Like the Nargis disaster many of those that died did

not know the Savior. 

My heart breaks to think of the families that were torn apart in that instant.  Even though this is a sad song, written in response to a terrible disaster, I think the track itself is a peaceful reminder of the importance of each day.  Each day could be our last.  My prayer for all the children of the world is that they will come to know the one true God who is the bringer of joy, peace and salvation.

Do You Know (reprise)

This track is piano remix of a track heard earlier on this album.


Trying to Make Her Stay

I love this recording!  Jackie Turner did a beautiful job adding some haunting violin to complete this song. 

The original version, with lyrics, was included on my "Dare to Die" album.



God Be With You

I can't think of a better way to close this album this with a simple tune and prayer from the late 1800's.   This arrangement features the American Boys Choir.  Living 9,000 miles from my nieces and nephews is really hard on me.  At the time of this recording I had 6 under the age of 7! 

They grow so fast at that age.  My prayer for them is that God will protect and guide them until I can be with them again.


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