Album Credits

All tracks written, arranged and performed by Darin Dunn

except track 12 written by William Gould Tomer and Jeremiah Eames Rankin and arranged by Darin Dunn

Darin Cabell - electric lead guitar on tracks 2, 4 and 6

Jackie Turner - Violin on tracks 2, 8 and 11

Wendy Semones - Piano and Keys on track 5

Michael Dalton - Electric Lead Guitar on track 5


Darin Dunn – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals,

6 string guitars, 12 string guitars, nylon string guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars,

drum programming, harmonica, percussion, keyboards, Piano



Darin uses Epiphone and Fender Guitars,  Marshall Mandolins, Oskar Harmonicas,

D’Adarrio Strings, Shure Mics, MXL Mics with

Garage Band and

Adobe Audition recording software.


In 2007, after releasing the most critically acclaimed album of his career (Dare to Die) Darin Dunn's life changed drastically.

"In 2006 I felt God calling me to full time mission work in Thailand. Obviously I was very excited! It took a year to get here but I'm here now!"

Living in Thailand afforded Dunn some new opportunities to use his musical and film making skills.

2007 saw Dunn traveling to five different countries in South East Asia to share his music and document the ongoing projects there through video production.

"It's been a perfect marriage of my calling and what I love to do. I've been blessed to be able to document so many amazing events

and happenings and I have been humbled to be able to use my music to score the various projects I've been working on." Living in Asia has

been a thrill for Dunn but it has not been without it's hardships. "I'm an Uncle now. Six times over! I have Six nieces and nephews under the

age of 8 and I miss them terribly! Thankfully, they love listening to their Uncle Darin's music so that has given me a way to stay in touch with them.

So I decided to record this album for them." "Into Dreamland" contains 12 tracks, including 7 instrumentals; 4 of which are instrumental covers

of some of Dunn's favorite songs from his previous albums.

This one was made for his nieces and nephews but it is the perfect album for nap times everywhere!


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