Album Credits

All tracks written, arranged and performed by Darin Dunn

except tracks 3 and 8 written by Jonathan Dunn,

Jonathan Dunn - electric lead guitar on track 2,

Sarah Salisbury - Synth on track 8

Kelsi Johnson - BGVs on track 8


Darin Dunn – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals,

6 string guitars, 12 string guitars, nylon string guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars,

drum programming, harmonica, percussion, keyboards, Piano



Darin uses Epiphone and Fender Guitars,  Marshall Mandolins, Oskar Harmonicas,

D’Adarrio Strings, Shure Mics, MXL Mics with

Garage Band and

Adobe Audition recording software.


From Darin:

This album was written and recorded as I traveled throughout South East Asia serving as a

videographer for an organization called ReachGlobal.  The songs on this album serve as a diary of my adventures as

I learned to live in a foreign culture so far away from my family, friends and home. 

Despite the struggles I had the time of my life. 

Home truly was where my stuff was… and I loved it. 



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