Content with Obscurity

Album Credits

All songs written by Darin Dunn
Except Tracks 5 and 6 by Jonathan Dunn and
Track 8 by Daniel B. Towner and John H. Sammis
and Track 7 by Sergei Babaraica and Darin Dunn
Darin Dunn – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Choir, 6 string guitars, 12 string guitars,
nylon string guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, drum programming, harmonica, percussion,
keyboards, string synthesizer, mandolin, banjo
Darin Cabell – Drums on track 3 and electric guitar on track 1
Mike Dalton – Bass on track 5, Grand Piano on tracks 6 and 10
Jonathan Dunn – 6 string guitar and “Na Na Na” vocals on track 7
Waylon Sodd – Acoustic lead on track 3
Wendy Semones – Keyboard on track 3
Jackie Turner – Violin on tracks 2, 8 and 9
John Boquist – “Ole Beat Up” Upright Piano on hidden track
Special thanks to:
My Savior Jesus. I am so blessed. Thank you.
Thanks to all the musicians who played on this album! Thanks to my “musical advisors” Dalton, Hollis, Trey, Jonathan, Cabell, Stacy and especially Salisbury for listening to my rough drafts and giving me input. Thanks to Mike Hollis for helping me set up Sabai Mak studios! Truly a dream come true. There is nothing quite like recording in your PJs!  Special thanks to my parents for being the best parents in the world and encouraging music in my life. Thanks to all the music teachers I have been blessed with: Mr. Tew, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Hines and Mr. Pack. Mr. Tew, you gave me a dream when I was in elementary school and Mrs. Hines, you broadened that dream when you went with me to state. Thanks to my friends in "the call" and especially Mark and Tracy for being so supportive. Thanks to all those who inspired me to sing and make music. Thanks to Jonathan and Spike for letting me record your songs!
I hope you enjoy this album, I made it for all of you and I can’t wait to make the next one!
Darin uses Epiphone and Fender Guitars, Fender Basses,
Roxo Mandolins, Oskar Harmonicas,
D’Adarrio Strings, Shure Mics, and Adobe Audition recording software.

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