"Masterful collection of grass-root sentiment!  This album enchants the listener into a deeper appreciation of the common ideals in life."  

-Dan Whyle-

  Darin did a great job with his first CD: writing, vocals, instruments, producing, mixing.  He's truly a gifted musician and a jack of all trades.  (Not to mention a lot of fun to make music with!)   This CD gives you a glimpse into Darin's heart and passion for the Lord. 

- Wendy Semones -

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Darin's music. Having developed a friendship with him makes it all the more special as I know what much of the music represents as it pertains to his walk with Christ. The accapella piece "Trust & Obey" is a personal favorite. Perhaps the thing I most enjoy as I listen, is that it calls to mind where he is at and what he is doing in His service. I pray for him dozens of times a day as his disc slips into the rotation and his music blesses my heart.

-Mark Johnson-

"Darin Dunn's freshman effort into the world of music is none other than a masterpiece.  His ability to creatively intertwine his faith and his emotions into one moving series of melodies is paled in comparison only to his ability to produce such an album almost single-handedly.  His mastery of the various instruments deftly played on this disc is very evident, and I look forward with great anticipation to his sophomore release -- not to replace the first album in my listening list, but to compliment it."

-Dave Salisbury-  

"Darin's first album is among the greats. It is a guarantee to touch your soul and heart as it did mine, and for me it brings back memories of rushing back-and-forth to the music studio. Surely this wonderful collaboration of great hymns, and original scores will bring back memories of your own, and as you listen create a few new ones as well. It is a reminder of prayer, and brings joy to my heart. No one in the entire world can remember the exact time and place Darin was when writing some of these songs at so many years ago but he and I. It holds a special place in my heart, and it's a reminder of the wonderful gift God has blessed Darin with."

-Jonathan Dunn-


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